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Birds of a Feather Wedding Cake Sera and Sebastien - Victoria, BC
We (and all our guests) thought the cake was absolutely Fabulous!! The decorating was unique and fun, but the cake itself was delicious! Corina was professional and easy to work with, and the cake was to die for! Our only regret is that we can't eat more until our anniversary!

Rudi Kelly Wilson - Victoria, British Columbia
Was a FANTASTIC cake!

Angry Birds Cake Friend of Kimberly Edgson - Victoria, British Columbia
Um... I am pretty sure this cake has heroin in it... cause NOTHING is supposed to taste THIS GOOD!"

Damask Bling Wedding Cake Jannine Rossi | Event Planner | Truffles Catering - Victoria, BC
Truly a work of art! Amazing work Corina!

Miss Muffet Cake Sonja Martins - Victoria, British Columbia
Those white lilies on the cake are handmade???? Unbelievable.

Nike NYC Marathon Running Shoe Cake Joan - Victoria
This was an awesome cake - tasted as good as it looked, and very realistic for those of us who have been wearing runners for years! thanks so much for making our 50th celebration memorable.

Royal King Wedding Shell Cake Michael & Esther Mclean - Sidney, BC
This was a sophisticated and artistic interpretation of the wedding invitations. Working with you was fun and exciting. You achieved 'stunning' and 'delicious' all in one. It exceeded our expectations. Thank you!

Baby Emma Cake Celia Weeks - Jacksonville, Florida
This is the cutest cake I've ever seen. YOU...are amazingly talented.

The Police Album Cover Cake Bonney King - Victoria, British Columbia
This is awesome Corina! Needless to say, the cake was the "hit" of the party!! Everyone was photographing it because they couldn't believe how fabulous it was. One of Tom's friends (Ross) is a HUGE Police fan and was totally blown away by this. Anyway, everyone loved it and many thanks again for all your hard work and artistry. We all appreciated it.

Seaspan Corsair Tugboat Wedding Cake deanna - Victoria BC
this is an amazing work of art!


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